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HONOR 9X PRO Price|Specs|Review | HONOR Global UNBOXING

Hey what’s up guys will here for mobilebuzzworld Huawei and honor are starting to release their newest generation of phones this is the honor 9x pro, and it offers some solid mid-range features but are these enough to make up for the lack of Google services on this device let’s find out in our for review


Honor 9X Pro smartphone price in India is likely to be Rs 17,999. Honor 9X Pro is speculated to be launched in the country on May 19, 2020 (Expected). As for the colour options, the Honor 9X Pro smartphone may come in Midnight Black, Phantom Blue colours

If you’re looking for a phone with a flashy design the 9x pro won’t disappoint the gradient finish is quite loud and when it catches light you can see an X pattern beneath the surface the back is made of curved glass and the phone has an aluminum frame as well but even though you get premium materials don’t expect water resistance here on the front of the 9x pro is a six point six inch IPS LCD screen with a 1080p resolution you may notice that there’s no cutout for the selfie cam so you have a more

HONOR 9X PRO Price|Specs|Review | HONOR Global UNBOXING

immersive viewing area this is because the selfie camera is motorized it sits hidden within the body and pops up when you need it it doesn’t move so fast though so you’ll have to wait a second the screen itself looks pretty sharp and there’s good contrast for an LCD heller’s can be set to be very accurate in settings max brightness is very good too at up to five hundred and twenty minutes one major drawback with this phone is that it lacks Widevine CDM support this means that although you have this great screen


The 9x pro won’t run any video streaming services such as Netflix pretty disappointing at least there’s a bunch of storage on this device 128 or 256 gigs and it is expandable so you can have quite a bit of local content ready to watch the fingerprint reader of the 9x pro is located on the side of the phone rather than on the back or under the screen the placement feels natural and it’s super fast to unlock the device the owner 9x pro has a single bottom firing loudspeaker in quality wise this nothing impressive it has below average loudness and is lacking in both lows and highs you do get a 3.5 millimeter jack for headphones on this device though and there’s also support for FM radio now moving on to the elephant in the room the honor 9x pros software the user interfaces hallways emui 9.1 based on android 9 pi it feels clean and bloat free but the issue is that this phone is missing Google services and has no access to the Play Store instead

honor 9x pro specifications,

You’ll be using Huawei zap gallery and its own mobile services the app gallery has built-in ads in the selection here is still pretty small compared to Google’s a lot of popular games and apps aren’t available and watch out because instead you may find something else with a similar name and icon like call of modern war duty if you want an app that’s missing here your options are to either use a different third-party app store or to sideload the app or the Google Play Store itself you can also use phone clone to transfer apps from another Android device but you’ll miss out on software updates for those apps all in all it can be a hassle for consumers that are used to the Google ecosystem let’s hope that either the issues between Huawei and Google are solved soon or that Huawei’s mobile services develop enough to stand on their own the honor 9x pro’s internals on the other hand are definitely competitive

This is one of the first phones we’ve encountered with Huawei’s new care and 810 chipset which is built on a seven nanometer process performance is much better than with the older care and 7/10 in fact the honor 9x pro tops the charts and benchmarks as far as mid rangers go the phone runs quite cool too we had no issues with thermal throttling let’s move on to battery life which is quite competitive the 9x pro has a 4000 million power battery and it performed quite well in our tests scoring an endurance rating of a hundred four hours the phone supports only 10 watt charging and we were able to go from zero to 30% in half an hour pretty slow by today’s standards Yahner 9x pro has the same triple camera on the back as the Huawei p30 light and Yahner 9x there’s a forty eight megapixel quad bear main camp in 80 megapixel ultra wide cam and a two megapixel depth sensor photos from the main camp come out in 12 megapixels by default these are sharp and detailed with great dynamic range colors are accurate even a bit dull but complex fine detail doesn’t look great if you look closely perhaps due to the noise reduction you can shoot in the full 48 megapixels – even better I recommend the 48 megapixel AI ultra clarity mode each photo takes about six seconds for these have noticeably better quality with excellent detail

There is a toggle for 2x zoom on the viewfinder but this is purely a digital crop from the main camera surprisingly these zoomed in shots have excellent quality they look a lot like what you’d get from a real telephoto the 8 megapixel ultra wide photos are ok but nothing special the resolved detail is modest the corners are soft and the dynamic range is rather low portraits are taken with the main cam with the help of the depth sensor these aren’t impressive but the subject separation is mostly good in low-light photos from the main camera decent with good color saturation balanced exposure and gentle nose reduction there is enough detail though we wish there was a bit more if you turn on night mode you get an improved overall exposure and more detail in the skies but these images are pretty soft and some of them look like oil paintings ultra wide photography at nighttime isn’t good the images are smudgy noisy and lacking in detail and there’s no night mode available for this camera selfies from the 16 megapixel pop-up selfie cam are pretty good colors are very accurate and the contrast is nice detail lives a bit more

honor 9x pro colors,

To be desired though the 9x pro can record video only in 1080p resolution 30fps footage from the main camera is decent there’s a good dynamic range nice contrast no visible noise and punchy colors the picture is quite soft though and detail is just average the ultra wide cameras footage is much the same story pretty decent looking but soft the electronic stabilization is always on and does a very good job we would appreciate an option to turn it off though so there you have it guys the honored imax pro brings some great features for a 250 euro mid-range you have a premium and eye-catching design a notch oulous high quality LCD screen awesome mid-range performance great battery life and nice cameras for the money however there are some things that are missing here of course to Google services and the app support also you can’t stream something like Netflix on this phone charging speed is pretty slow and you don’t have 4k video recording now at the end of the day is the new chipset that makes this phone stand out but I think that it’s not really worth the trade-off at this price you can find phones from Xiaomi and real me with comparable or even better specs and save yourself a lot of hassle thanks for reading guys and see you on the next one

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