why the processor are important in mobile phone?

It is like the brain of a mobile.

The processor does all the processes and task.

Your phone is dead if it did not come with a processor. You won’t be able to do to any of your web browsing, camera clicks, facebook, WhatsApp, phone calls.

The old phones just had a single processor doing all the workload alone, and it is too simple that work for calling and messages(and other users).

The processor handles all the hardware and software interaction, keypad inputs and outputs, all. A single core 100-300MHZ clocked processor with 2-10MB RAM was enough for managing most of the things that you can do in your phone. This was common till keypad phones.

Nowadays most smartphone and tablet can do almost anything that PCs can do, because of the better CPU.

Now, the smartphones and tablets are coming with chipsets.

In chipsets, there are CPU processors(with registers, arithmetic units, controls) in them, along with RAM, GPU, ISP(image signal processor), separate internet modems, Artificial Intelligence Units, Thermal Management Units, all in one single chipset.

These components do their job without troubling the main CPU which is left for only proving processing power.

It has mainly a ranged frequency(in MHz or GHz) on which they operate.  They are accompanied with cache memories(L1, L2, L3, L4) with decreasing order of frequencies for direct memory access.

What’s core?

It is an element found in the main CPU that reads and executes instructions.

The devices began with a single-core.

The engineers created more powerful devices by including more core in one device.

Presently there are:-

  1. Dual-core(with two cores)
  2. Quad-core(with four cores)
  3. Hexa-core(with six cores)
  4. Octa-core(with eight cores)

What’s the good thing about multiple cores Processor?

The more cores, the faster they can divvy up the work that you are asking to phone to do.

The multiple cores make your experience snappy when  App loads quickly.

Animations and videos play smoothly without any stuttering.

Games do not get bogged down while playing games.

The more cores, the better the performance.

Is octa-core is faster than a quad-core processor?

No. An octa-core is faster than a quad-core.

When it is running an app that takes advantage of its abilities or when you are multitasking in your smartphones.

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